Friday, November 21, 2014

Pre-Christmas Tunes

If you aren't ready to rock around the Christmas tree just yet, here are a few suggested songs by some select bands to listen to that might make the cold and snow seem a little more welcoming.

Fleet Foxes - Blue Ridge Mountains

Fleet Foxes hail from Seattle. They formed in 2006 and have released two very successful albums. This song is very folk based, yet it sounds like it's being played in an old cathedral. If you like sweet harmonies and piano melodies accompanied by mandolin, check this one out. It's about perfect to listen to on a chilly walk to class.

Bon Iver - Calgary
Even if you haven't listened to Bon Iver, you've likely heard the name. Justin Vernon's falsetto voice might not be your initial cup of tea, but there's a good chance that it will grow on you. It's quite a dynamic song that is masterfully crafted to build up, and then slowly fade away.

John Mayer - Dear Marie
Everyone has heard of John Mayer. Maybe you only know him from his older, pop-style songs. Or maybe the last song you heard by him was Gravity (which is a great song). Whatever opinion you may have of him, his song "Dear Marie" deserves a listen for having straight-forward, honest lyrics, and a mellow style that anyone could dig.

The Middle East - Blood

This is another song that builds up to something greater than you think will happen. It's been featured in a variety of movies and commercials. Even though the lyrics are a bit sad, there's something about the song that makes it up-lifting.

AA Bondy - There's a Reason

Next, we have "There's a Reason". Some have described his lyrics as pure poetry, but one thing is certain, and that is AA Bondy's voice is awesome.

The Envy Corps - Med. Song 
Of course, this list would not be complete without a sweet live video from Ames, Iowa's own, The Envy Corps.

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