Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Quick & Easy Thanksgiving Décor

Stuck between Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving doesn’t receive as much attention. Shortly after putting away your costumes and taking down your Halloween decorations, Christmas music starts playing. If you’re not quite ready to start putting up your winter holiday decorations, and want some quick and easy Thanksgiving décor, then you are at the right spot!

Source: Martha Stewart

Flaming Foliage Candleholders 

Candles are always nice to have around for the holidays. They provide a nice feeling of warmth and can add a little bit of elegance. They can also be used as décor while providing some small light.

These Flaming Foliage Candleholders, found at Martha Stewart’s website, provide a fitting home to any candles you may have siting around. For this all you need is some spray adhesive, assorted dried leaves, glass candleholders, and candles. You can check out her site for directions and inspiration, or you can give it your own go!

These beautiful candleholders bring the colors of autumn in your home. While they may be easy to make, with the weather we’ve been having finding dry leaves may be a problem!

Source: SimplyVintageGirl

The Thankful Tree

The Thankful Tree, from Simply Vintage Girl, is a fun and nice looking piece of décor for Thanksgiving. Not only does it serve as a decoration, but guest, family, and kids can place a little note on it saying what they are thankful for.

In order to make this you’ll need twigs (they can be fake or real if you are able to find any), a mason jar, paper, a whole punch, and string or ribbon. For directions and inspiration, check out the full post!

Thanksgiving Fold

Source: SocialCouture

Folded napkins are always a nice touch, so why not fold your napkins into turkeys? In order to do this, you will need to do a few simple folds and a squash. The squash is used as the actual turkey while the napkin is used as the tail. Not only does it look nice, but it’s also edible! (The squash at least)

For more information and steps for the folds, check out the post at Social Couture.


Source: Cebolla Fine Flowers
Flowers make a beautiful centerpiece at a dinner table and can make for colorful decoration as well. Inspired by the piece seen at Cebolla Fine Flowers, you can make your own centerpiece with a vase, flowers, and miniature pumpkins!

Making your own can be easy and relatively cheap depending on what you have available. If you’d like, you can make yours with real flowers and pumpkins, or you can find fake ones at Hobby Lobby or somewhere similar. With this your final piece can be as simple as a small mason jar filled with fake flowers, or a huge decorative vase filled with real flowers. It’s completely up to you!

So there you have it. If you find yourself hosting Thanksgiving this year and want some extra décor, you can use some of these simple ideas. Happy decorating!

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