Friday, January 2, 2015

Pin Boards

Pin boards can liven up any wall space! Take a look at these neat options to give you some inspiration!


From onesparrowcreative

To make a cork board show more personality, simply cover it with some fabric, and then pin down the sides.

Hanging Belt

From poppytalk

This one is simple and sweet. Find a circular cork board, like ones you can get from Ikea. Then, take a thin belt, and some glue, and you've got yourself an eye-catching presentation for your photos & other knick knacks.


from manmadediy

Easy and effective. Find a big ol' sheet of plywood, and lean it against the wall. Then you've got plenty of space to work with to display both large and small imagery.

Beautiful Brass

From Remodelista

For an interesting and elegant twist on traditional cork board, try this brass mesh. You'll need some brass screws and spacers as well. Finish it off with some matching clips, i.e. Hay's Brass Clip Clips.

Geometric Puzzle


A cool way to incorporate color and geometric form into the board is to cut it into triangles and paint some of them. Then you can place them together in a square fashion, and nail them to the wall.


from wikihow

An easy and cool thing you can try is to add ribbon, which can create visual movement and dynamism while still maintaining a fun appeal. What you need to do is get a cork board to update. Add a layer of fabric or paper, then a sheet of cardboard, and then another layer of fabric. Then, arrange some ribbon diagonally across and staple or tack it to the back!

There are plenty of fun things you can do with pin boards, and most of them are fairly simple! Hopefully these ideas have inspired you to get creative and implement your own!

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