Monday, January 26, 2015

Quick Fixes for Easy Style


There are so many things you can do with a little brainstorming and a couple minutes out of your day. If you want to quickly add some panache to your place, here are are few things you can try!

Drop Cloths
These are super duper simple, just throw a painter's drop cloth over a couch or chair. It instantly adds an artistic dimension to a piece of furniture. You can find canvas drop cloths at basically any hardware retailer.


Almost a no-brainer, putting up a piece of artwork or two will show personality and sensibility. You can even make your own, or maybe you have a family member that is a talented artist, and they'd be willing to use their talents to bring life to your room. A quick and straightforward idea is to create shapes out of cut paper! Low cost, and plenty of options to choose.

Modular Storage Units Modular storage units allow you to organize, and be flexible with that shelving space to make for an interesting side table. They are fairly cheap, and you can find them online (about $20) or at other department stores.


They can add depth to a room, especially if they are at least 3/4 as tall as the wall.

Possibly the simplest option! Use tape in creative ways by making some cool geometric shapes on the wall, or even create nifty frames out of it!



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