Friday, March 27, 2015

Color Wheel: Olive Green

Olive green has a historical elegance to it, along with a natural feel. It looks great with gold tones, or even offset with navy blue or light turquoise. Sometimes you'll see the color represented with more green or more gold to it, but if you look at the way light hits an actual olive, these tinges get brought out. It can be found in the Pantone Fashion Color Report for this spring, so no need to worry about if it's in or not! But then again, you shouldn't ever have to worry about if a color or style is "in" if it's used effectively!
Color Wheel: Olive Green

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Furniture From Modern Designers

For some inspiration on the furniture you select, what better source is there than to take a look at some talented designers in the biz today, and their sleek works of art!

Philippe Starck

The chair above comes from Starck's "Aunts and Uncles" collection for Kartell. The technology for his minimalistic creations uses transparent polycarbonate injection molding. Now that's a mouthful but the point here is that Starck creates beautiful pieces of furniture that look stunning in any space.

Ron Arad

Ron Arad and his company do everything from print, to architecture, to furniture design. His designs are often created out of steel, and are biomorphic in shape, making them truly aesthetic works of art.

Patricia Urquiola

Urquiola is a Spanish architect and designer. Her designs for the Ravel collection include sofas with woven plastic that somehow gives them an elegant, charming appearance. Urquiola has won numerous awards for her talented design skills.

Karim Rashid

One of the most well-renowned designers in the world, Rashid has created tons of awesome stuff for companies like 3M, Citibank, Sony, etc. etc. His designs are often biomorphic as well.

Marcel Wanders
Knotted Chair

Known and renowned mainly for his famous, Knotted Chair, Wanders has built quite a name for himself in the industrial design realm. From the information found on his website about his iconic chair, it is said that it was created from carbon fibers that were infused with epoxy resin. The final form was created by gravity, as it was hung in a frame to dry. How gravity could be used and manipulated to form an exquisite piece of furniture is a true mark of talent.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

DIY Wine Racks

If you find yourself with more than a few wine bottles from time to time and you want an easy, clever solution to store them, here's a couple DIY ideas you could try!

Cans from

So easy it's brilliant! You must cut the tops and bottom out of the can first, then you can paint it any color of which you desire. Then glue them together in a pyramid shape and boom: instant wine rack

Mailing Tube

Here's what you'll need for this one: mailing tube (sturdy one, made of about 1/8″ thick cardboard; 24″ long), a hot glue gun, neon/colored duct tape, scissors, a scrap of felt (about 12″ x 20″), an exacto knife/box cutter, spray adhesive, a pen, a ruler, and preferably a cutting mat. Cut the tube in half lengthwise, and then width wise so that in the end you have four equal curved pieces that are ~12" in length. Then tape the sides and edges together width wise. After this, simply cut the felt down to size and use spray adhesive to stick it down, smoothing out any wrinkles along the way.

PVC Pipe

This idea comes with options for customizing, depending on if you want to do only one size that will fit wine bottles in a simple pyramid shape, or if you want to offset these with some smaller sizes interspersed. Basically, you'll need to trim or have the pipe trimmed down to about 6" or so, and you'll probably want ones that are about 4". They can then be attached by using some screws and epoxy, however it does require some drilling for the screw holes. The result however is a simple and elegant solution to your wine needs!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Color Wheel: Lavender

Lavender is a muted purple hue, and directly takes after the flower. The flower itself has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and has long been used as an essential oil. It is one of the official colors of the Sigma Kappa sorority, and a lavender ribbon signifies cancer awareness. It's also said that Lavender roses are symbolic of love at first sight.
Color Wheel: Lavender

Friday, March 13, 2015

Style Spotlight: 1970s



Warm, earthy tones characterized much of the 1970s. Browns, greens, and reds were all the rage. This spring season, try using some of these colors in your decorating or even clothing choice. "This season, cooler and softer color choices with subtle warm tones follow a minimalistic en plein air theme, taking a cue from nature" As is evident in the Spring 2015 Fashion Report from Maybe the warm oranges and reds of the 70s weren't exactly subtle, but that doesn't mean they have to be!

Style Spotlight: 1970s

Monday, March 9, 2015

Indoor Wall Mounts for Bikes

The weather has been warming up, and Spring is just around the corner! It's about time (if you haven't already) to bust out the bike! But where are you gonna store it during the warm months? Well, ya got some options. Check out indoor wall mounts!

Delta Leonardo Single Bicycle Rack


Your bike will hang vertically with this one. It's nothing too fancy, still looks good, and has a $15 price tag. You can't really go wrong with a solid mount like the Leonardo. I mean the name alone is amazing.

Bike Hooks


Now these are real basic, but also real solid. These are what I remember hanging my bike on in the garage when I was younger. You can find them for under $10 on Amazon.

Racor Gravity Bike Rack


If you have two bikes, check out the Racor Gravity bike rack. You can find it for about $50, which isn't too bad. Plus it boasts an easy setup that should last for years.

Minimalistic Wood Mount


Okay these are actually awesome. They just look so smooth, so... minimal! But hey, they're under $75 (barely)! If you are super into DIY, maybe you could try making these

CB2 Wood Mount


This is probably our favorite. It looks great, and you can store things like your keys or water bottle in the compartment. With an average rating of 4.5 stars, it's worth checking out for $50.

Of course, there are plenty more out there to look into, but hopefully we were able to give you a few solid ideas!

Friday, March 6, 2015

DIY Lamp Shades

Allow us to shed some light on a few cool lamp shade DIY ideas!


If you have a cheap, boring white lampshade, you could try dying it! Just mix up some hair dye into a container of water until you have a consistent color going on, then dip the shade in. Let it dry on a towel, then dump out some of the water, and add in some plain water. Dip the shade in once more to give it a nice ombre appearance!

Leather Mosaic

How about another cool, simple idea! Cut some colored strips of leather into chevron, or whatever shapes you desire then hot glue them on. Easy as that!


So here's what you'll need to make this: a light-colored fabric lampshade, a fabric marker [non-iron kind], some thin cardboard.. Additionally, a pencil, scissors, and maybe some scrap fabric to practice! First, clean the shade to get rid of any dust or lint. This technique utilizes a stencil to trace around, so you have the same shape consistently, but if you are an artist, you don't necessarily have to use this technique. You just need to get a feel for how much the marker will bleed, so more fluid strokes with the thinner point of the marker are advised. When you're done, you have a sweet hand-drawn lampshade!

Nautical Stripes

We really like the simple and effective color combo going on with this nautical themed design! Grab some fabric paint, and masking tape. Tape two strips across and get painting!

Hope you've enjoyed these awesome, simple DIY lamp shade ideas!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Color Wheel: Mint Green

You can find just about anything mint green on Pinterest. Mint green was popular back in the 50s, and in the last 5 years or so, has been a choice color for weddings and the like. It's a beautiful, subtle tone that holds a calming feeling.
Color Wheel: Mint Green