Friday, March 6, 2015

DIY Lamp Shades

Allow us to shed some light on a few cool lamp shade DIY ideas!


If you have a cheap, boring white lampshade, you could try dying it! Just mix up some hair dye into a container of water until you have a consistent color going on, then dip the shade in. Let it dry on a towel, then dump out some of the water, and add in some plain water. Dip the shade in once more to give it a nice ombre appearance!

Leather Mosaic

How about another cool, simple idea! Cut some colored strips of leather into chevron, or whatever shapes you desire then hot glue them on. Easy as that!


So here's what you'll need to make this: a light-colored fabric lampshade, a fabric marker [non-iron kind], some thin cardboard.. Additionally, a pencil, scissors, and maybe some scrap fabric to practice! First, clean the shade to get rid of any dust or lint. This technique utilizes a stencil to trace around, so you have the same shape consistently, but if you are an artist, you don't necessarily have to use this technique. You just need to get a feel for how much the marker will bleed, so more fluid strokes with the thinner point of the marker are advised. When you're done, you have a sweet hand-drawn lampshade!

Nautical Stripes

We really like the simple and effective color combo going on with this nautical themed design! Grab some fabric paint, and masking tape. Tape two strips across and get painting!

Hope you've enjoyed these awesome, simple DIY lamp shade ideas!

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