Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fun and Easy Project: DIY Linen Napkins

Here's a fun and simple project you can try if you have some time during the week or over the weekend: DIY painted linen napkins!


Here's what you'll need:
Some linen or cotton napkins, small thin-tip paintbrushes, neon fabric paint, an alphabet rubber-stamp set, a ruler, and pencils with new flat eraser tips.

Here's what you do:
Use a paintbrush to apply paint to evenly coat a stamp’s rubber initial.


Stamp in the corner of the napkin, or wherever you would like. Repeat for second initial. You can use a ruler to line up the initials.


Apply paint to a pencil eraser. Stamp eraser around the napkin edge, creating dots an inch apart or so. Reapply paint for each dot. You can also get creative on this step too. Maybe experiment with other stamping materials (possibly ones with texture) that you don't mind getting paint on.


That's it! Now whenever you entertain dinner guests, they'll get a nice reminder if your lovely personality when they use these napkins :)

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Style Spotlight: 1990s

When I think of the 1990s in terms of interior design, my mind immediately goes to sets of 90s sitcoms, i.e. Clarissa Explains it All, Family Matters, and Full House. Clarissa

I mean, what can even be said about that room!? It's like the epitome of every 90s kids dream room (well, maybe if it was still 1996). I don't see any inflatable chairs though :( While we probably didn't have the radical Clarissa room, here are some actual trends from 20 years ago that were in many of our houses growing up.

Plaid Sofa Slipcovers

Not much can be said about this trend, other than hopefully it'll be gone for a while.

Wallpaper Borders

Yep, this was definitely a thing too!

Hollywood Lighting

Honestly, I don't think this trend is too tacky, when done correctly that is. Obviously though, it can be a little much.

Pet Nets

Ohh yeah, I had one of these growing up. Where else would you put your 5 million Sonic characters? And those toys hanging from clips. I remember getting a few of those from McDonalds I think, back when they were probably characters from Pokemon.

White Kitchen + Pine

This picture is actually not from the 90s! But white/pine was a popular kitchen design trend back then. Apparently it's making a comeback, and you know what? I'm okay with that.


Minimalism seems to have had a pretty steady hold on interior design in the past couple years since the 90s, and it can always be aesthetically pleasing when done correctly. So if you're strapped for cash, go for a minimalistic style!

The 1990s were awesome! Some of the interior trends were kind of awesome, and some not so much! This Britney Spears inflatable chair.. definitely awesome. Err, "coolin'". InflatableChair

Monday, April 13, 2015

Color Wheel: Powder Blue

There are an immense number of shades of blue out there that it can be hard to narrow down a favorite. But good thing you don't have to! Below, we have an example of another soothing shade: powder blue. When that color is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is a song by John Mayer called "St. Patrick's Day". It's a great tune, and in the first verse he sings "your cheeks a shade of pink and the rest of you in powder blue". He mentions the color in the context of winter and cold weather, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it all year round!
Color Wheel: Powder Blue

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DIY Magazine Racks

It's 2015 and you probably don't read magazines too often. But that doesn't mean you can't have a sweet magazine rack that you can make yourself! Some of these are easier than others and some require the use of power tools, so it depends on how crafty you want to get.


Pretty easy and self-explanatory, this ladder rack can add rustic or industrial appeal, depending on what condition the ladder you use is in. However, it should be the kind with the rounded rungs, not the flat ones, for obvious reasons.


Hey here's another no-work, no-hassle one! You could get creative with where you put this thing and what color(s) you wish to paint it!

Cereal Box

Here's a fun one. Take a cereal box, cut a wedge out of it, and decorate it however you choose!


Find directions for this cool letter rack over at Basically, you need 2 wood letters that you could probably find at Hobby Lobby; 1/4 inch poplar wood that is as wide as the letters which you'll use for the bottom and one side; a finish nail gun with 3/4 inch brad nails.

Metal Rack
diy magazine rack

For a "functional decor" look, try using some metal sheet and some small nails to secure it into a canvas board. Even though this particular project was made for an 8 year old, you can customize it in any way you see fit!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Color Wheel: Seafoam Green

Seafoam green is a beautiful, earthy, calming tone. Similar to mint, seafoam is a pale shade of green with just a hint of blue. It looks great paired with brown or grey. Below, you can see it's power as a main color, or as an accent color. Both can be used effectively and can be varied to create some awesome looking themes!


Seafoam_2 from  
Color Wheel: Seafoam Green

Friday, April 3, 2015

Style Spotlight: 1980s


The 1980s saw all sorts of style variation. From pastels, to preppy; from country to geometric; the 80s had it goin' on!

One key design group form the 1980s was the Memphis Group. They came up with some crazy, pop-art influenced, geometric stuff.



More common, however, was the traditional, homy atmosphere that still can be found in many homes today. Pastel colors and southwestern decor were popular.


listing living room 2



This kitchen is super-reminiscent of the one from the movie Home Alone, and it only makes sense because the movie was released in 1990.


Style Spotlight: 1980s
Style Spotlight: 1980s by hp-design

The 1980s encompassed a wide range of styles, without an overarching theme. You could try using some of the bold, colorful geometric elements, like in the pillows shown above and that are prevalent in the Memphis Group. Or you could tone it back with some sweet pastels. Or maybe just grab some white paint and accent with some blue for that preppy vibe. There is no right or wrong, just bear in mind what works together and what doesn't, so you don't end up with this!


Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Are you strapped for cash? Maybe you want to save the environment? Or maybe you just like a good DIY project? Whatever the motivation, repurposing can bring new life to old things! Here are some ideas you could try. You have probably seen some of these circulating the net via Pinterest or something, but nevertheless, there are some good ones!

Lightbulb Lamp


An interesting take on the oil lamps from the past, the lightbulb lamp combines history with it's predecessor. Steps for this DIY can be found at

Binder Clip Hacks



The ever-adaptable, usable binder clip can be used in various ways to organize your office supplies; specifically your cables. You could also use one as a money clip!

Invisible Bookshelf


Technically, you're still upcycling an old book by using it to hold up other books! Directions can be found at

Yoga Mat Ideas

Last but not least, here are a few awesome things you can do with an old yoga mat! Instructions can be found, along with some other sweet ideas at



Bulletin Board


Coffee Koozie