Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DIY Magazine Racks

It's 2015 and you probably don't read magazines too often. But that doesn't mean you can't have a sweet magazine rack that you can make yourself! Some of these are easier than others and some require the use of power tools, so it depends on how crafty you want to get.


Pretty easy and self-explanatory, this ladder rack can add rustic or industrial appeal, depending on what condition the ladder you use is in. However, it should be the kind with the rounded rungs, not the flat ones, for obvious reasons.


Hey here's another no-work, no-hassle one! You could get creative with where you put this thing and what color(s) you wish to paint it!

Cereal Box

Here's a fun one. Take a cereal box, cut a wedge out of it, and decorate it however you choose!


Find directions for this cool letter rack over at Basically, you need 2 wood letters that you could probably find at Hobby Lobby; 1/4 inch poplar wood that is as wide as the letters which you'll use for the bottom and one side; a finish nail gun with 3/4 inch brad nails.

Metal Rack
diy magazine rack

For a "functional decor" look, try using some metal sheet and some small nails to secure it into a canvas board. Even though this particular project was made for an 8 year old, you can customize it in any way you see fit!

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