Monday, April 27, 2015

Style Spotlight: 1990s

When I think of the 1990s in terms of interior design, my mind immediately goes to sets of 90s sitcoms, i.e. Clarissa Explains it All, Family Matters, and Full House. Clarissa

I mean, what can even be said about that room!? It's like the epitome of every 90s kids dream room (well, maybe if it was still 1996). I don't see any inflatable chairs though :( While we probably didn't have the radical Clarissa room, here are some actual trends from 20 years ago that were in many of our houses growing up.

Plaid Sofa Slipcovers

Not much can be said about this trend, other than hopefully it'll be gone for a while.

Wallpaper Borders

Yep, this was definitely a thing too!

Hollywood Lighting

Honestly, I don't think this trend is too tacky, when done correctly that is. Obviously though, it can be a little much.

Pet Nets

Ohh yeah, I had one of these growing up. Where else would you put your 5 million Sonic characters? And those toys hanging from clips. I remember getting a few of those from McDonalds I think, back when they were probably characters from Pokemon.

White Kitchen + Pine

This picture is actually not from the 90s! But white/pine was a popular kitchen design trend back then. Apparently it's making a comeback, and you know what? I'm okay with that.


Minimalism seems to have had a pretty steady hold on interior design in the past couple years since the 90s, and it can always be aesthetically pleasing when done correctly. So if you're strapped for cash, go for a minimalistic style!

The 1990s were awesome! Some of the interior trends were kind of awesome, and some not so much! This Britney Spears inflatable chair.. definitely awesome. Err, "coolin'". InflatableChair

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