Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Style Spotlight: Rustic

Are you looking for the rustic style look?  This style creates an organic environment and deals with natural materials.  If you love antiques and repurposing different kinds of materials, you will love this style of design.

Here is how to achieve the rustic style:

Reclaimed Wood: Wood can be found in a variety of places.  Old barns, houses, tree trunks, bowling alley floors, etc. can be used.  Get outdoors and think outside of the box.

Antique Lighting: Going to antique stores or garage sales can be a great way to find items you are looking for.  An old chandelier with candles can give an elegant and rustic look to your design.

Neutral Walls: Keep the walls a neutral and warm color, and save the decor and furniture for adding the color you want to accent.  An accent wall of color can also be a way to pop the color you want to add your room.

Vintage Accessories: Add vintage decor such as crates, candles, lamps, clocks, frames, jars, etc.  These accessories can also be found at antique stores, garage sales, and flea markets.  If you are having trouble finding the color you want, you can always take something you find and paint it yourself.

Flooring: Wood and stone flooring creates a rustic look.  Adding a woven or fur rug can also add a warm feel to the room.

Distressed Metals: Bronze, iron, and copper add an industrial rustic look.  Use these metals with a side table, fixture, lighting, etc.

Colors: Warm and cozy patterns and colors are typically what is used in a rustic design.  Some colors that are usually used are tan, denim blue, forest green, red, etc. Adding lighter or brighter colors can add a more modern feel to the design.

Style Spotlight: Rustic

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