Friday, June 12, 2015

Father's Day Gifts

Having troubles thinking about what to get for Father's Day?  
Check out these simple gift ideas that your Father will love!

If your Dad loves grilling this set will be the perfect gift.  There's many tools to choose from, and the case is a very nice way to keep the utensils organized.  Give him a reason to grill!

Surprise him with tickets to a sporting event.  Can tickets really ever be a disappointment?  Baseball is in season, so get him tickets to a game and go with.  Buy him some peanuts and his beverage of choice too. Maybe you'll even get lucky and catch a foul ball at the game!

This gift has 8 tools in 1 piece!  I don't think any Dad would be needing another tool.  If the tool is sold out or is too expensive, you can still go out and buy some new tools for your Dad to use!

This is a small portable Bluetooth speaker that your Dad can carry around anywhere.  It can clip on to a bag, bike, etc, and has a 5 hour battery life. Something like this would be very useful while he's working around the shop or somewhere outside.  It's a gift he's guaranteed to use! 

You can never go wrong with buying golf necessities.  If your dad loves to golf some new golf balls and tees to help practice his game will be a great gesture.  Maybe even go play 9 holes with him!

If you're looking for something really simple this gift is the way to go.  Go out and buy scratch tickets, candy, gum, drinks, etc.  Get all the things your Dad loves and arrange them in a bucket or basket.  It will be the perfect gift especially if he gets lucky and wins some money!

Another idea is not spending any money for a gift.  Sometimes it's the little things that matters most.  Help your dad with whatever he needs, go out and play a game of basketball together, watch an old movie at home, play a board game, play a video game together, play catch, clean his car, or even make him breakfast.  It's really the thought that counts, and there's no doubt that your Dad won't be just as happy with this kind of gesture rather than you going out and buying a gift.

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