Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Date Ideas

Are you and your significant other running out of date ideas?  Instead of always going out to eat and to the movies, surprise them with something different.  Here is a list of some easy and fun ideas for you and someone special to have a memorable date night.

1.  Have a picnic
2.  Have a water balloon fight
3.  Check out a music festival
4.  Take a hike
5.  Go the the fair
6.  See a movie at the drive-in
7.  Eat at a random food truck
8.  Stargaze in your backyard
9.  Catch the sunset after work
10.  Go on a bike ride
11.  Rollerblade
12.  Campout for two
13.  Take a road trip
14.  Go to the zoo
15.  Float the river
16.  Make soda floats
17.  Make a tasty supper
18.  Go to the farmer's market
19.  Play your favorite board game from your childhood
20.  Miniature golf
21.  Play video games from your childhood
22.  Watch a TV series together
23.  Have a nerf war
24.  Make a homemade pizza with your favorite toppings
25.  Participate in the Mud Run or Color Run
26.  Have a campfire and smores
27.  Go bowling
28.  Volunteer at an animal shelter
29.  Go to an amusement or waterpark
30.  Stay in your PJ's all day, and watch your favorite animated movies from your childhood
31.  Make a bucket list
32.  Go kayaking
33.  Make each other desserts 
34.  Make a playlist to listen to together
35.  Go to a sporting event

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