Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Small Business Saturday

Every year, the holiday shopping season starts off with a bang the day after Thanksgiving. We know it as ‘Black Friday,’ infamous for manic crowds of people who won’t hesitate to throw some elbows for a discounted flat screen.

Ironically, the biggest shopping day of the year falls after the holiday dedicated to giving thanks, and many people are beginning to distance themselves from the shopping spree and spend more time with their loved ones. A handful of major retail stores are keeping their doors closed for both Thanksgiving and Black Friday, allowing their employees more time with their family. Other stores, however, are offering their sales earlier and earlier- some as early as Thanksgiving night.

Other reasons for a decline in Black Friday’s popularity is the growing trend to shop online on Cyber Monday or in person on Small Business Saturday. These alternatives to Black Friday have grown wildly popular in the last couple years, and it doesn’t require shoppers to stand in line for hours or face the crowds.

This year, we at Haverkamp Properties encourage you to skip Black Friday and support your local businesses on Small Business Saturday. American Express, who first started this event back in 2010, has a complete list of participating businesses on their website. Many of Haverkamp’s Fun Money vendors are included and can be found in the Des Moines area, Ames, Cedar Rapids and more. You can see them all here

How will you celebrate this holiday season? Rather than leaving our homes and loved ones in search of big box deals, maybe we skip out on Black Friday altogether and support our small local businesses instead! 

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