Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Traditions


Christmas traditions. We all have them, whether it's decorating the tree the day after Thanksgiving, or opening just one present on Christmas eve night. Some people like to start their holiday early; busting out the X-Mas decorations when it hasn't even been Thanksgiving yet. Of course, that's when department stores start pushing the holiday. And then of course you have Black Friday. If you want to risk life and limb to get a good deal on a huge Samsung LCD super-extreme-HD 9,000,000 pixel TV then hey, go for it! Granted, there are have been some deals worth going for. Then ya gotta keep your eye out for those Cyber Monday deals on Amazon and the like. Even now, various websites still have exclusive savings and discounts to watch for.

But back to traditions.

For most, there will be plenty of time spent with family. And then opening presents, and having a nice meal. In my family, we celebrate Christmas Eve night with one side of the family. It's a large family, so we stick to a gift exchange, and have some home cooked food in potluck format. This is followed by Christmas morning with immediate family, which includes opening presents, and then going to my grandparents' after to celebrate, exchange more gifts, and enjoy Grandma's awesome cooking.

Of course, there are many items that represent Christmas in a traditional way. You have stockings which are hung (classically on a mantle above a fire place) and stuffed with small gifts like candy and other trinkets to be dug through on Christmas Day.


The Christmas tree, which can be real or fake depending on what your family prefers. The tree is usually strung with lights, tinsel or garland, and ornaments. The ornaments can range from little santa figurines to colored/sparkly bulbs, even to candy canes. The tree is also generally topped with a star, an angel, or Santa Claus!


When we were kids, many of us also remember leaving out some milk and cookies for Santa, which has been a long enjoyed practice over the years. Even leaving some food for his reindeer can be fun too! I legitimately was convinced Santa had come the night before because when I woke up Christmas morning, what would be left but some crumbs on the plate, the glass of milk gone, and possibly a hand written note saying "Thank you!". That St. Nick, what a nice guy.


Many of us have our beloved Christmas traditions. Many of those traditions started when we were young and are still carried on. As we get older, though, we realize these traditions aren't so much about getting presents and chowing down on some delicious food. They're more of a representation of the joy felt around the holidays; seeing the smile on a loved ones face as they open your thoughtful, personal gift to them; or staying up late watching a Christmas movie with someone close. No matter your traditions, we hope your Christmas is filled with happiness, warmth, and love.

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