Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Surviving Finals Week: A Guide for College Students

Finals week is nearly upon us, and with it all of the stress-induced anxiety associated with end of the semester exams and projects. It’s easy to let these worries distract you from studying or preparing properly, but luckily we’re here with some A+ tips for college students to survive finals week. Grab some coffee (we know you have some nearby) and get ready!

Avoid cramming
While this might be easier said than done, cramming is not really an effective way to prepare for a test. In fact, it makes it harder to retain the information you’re taking in. Make sure to study in intervals, taking short breaks every hour or so to maximize your time. This is also a good way to develop time management skills; don’t leave everything for the night before.

Say no to all-nighters
A sentence that any college student loves to hear but, alas, is rarely able to listen to. Everyone pulls all-nighters, but they are simply more harmful than beneficial. You need sleep in order to function at your best, and if you don’t get any it makes studying and test taking harder, which is just counter-productive. Study hard, but take the time to rest well to ensure a sharp mind for test day.

Organize yourself
Being prepared is half the battle. Always have a game plan before you start studying, or it’s easy to get off track or distracted. Keep a planner, organize your notes, and make sure you know what you need to complete or study going into your work session. These steps make it infinitely easier to stay on track and make the most of your time.

Relax post finals
So you’ve done it. You’ve taken all of your final exams and turned in every last project (hopefully with confidence). Be sure to take the time to unwind when you’re all finished; blowing off steam after a stressful week is just as important as being prepared for it. Besides- you’ve earned it!

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