Wednesday, January 27, 2016

DIY Desks

Tired of your old second hand desk you've used for the past five years?

Here are some places you can check out for inspiration to create your own desk, and have a workstation that you are proud of!

brit+co always has tons of great DIY projects. This page links you to some ideas you can try yourself -- some are simple and straightforward, and some are more ingenuitive (just wait till you see the "books desk").
This slideshow will get you inspired. A growing theme is to incorporate storage under, or even within desk top space.
And here is a list of 20 DIY desks that are meant to be used in a home office. Again, just a nice variety of projects to get the gears in your brain turning so you can turn out your own awesome desk.

Hopefully this post left you with some bursts of creativity just waiting to be expanded upon!

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