Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Modern Architecture in Iowa

Since spring is around the corner, what better time to plan a road trip than now? If you're interested in art or architecture at all, or just want to take a nice drive through our lovely state of Iowa, here are some neat places to look at! We've compiled some of the most interesting modern buildings/architecture throughout Iowa. Most are still around to our knowledge. They are certainly a blast from the past, and include some awesome Frank Lloyd Wright designs. https://www.pinterest.com/hphomesweetapt/iowa-architecture-midcentury-modern

A couple notable ones:

Stockman House - Mason City, IA
from Karen M. Carr on Pinterest

Info on the Stockman house can be found here: http://www.stockmanhouse.org/#!stockman-house/c1xp8 You can schedule a tour of it in Mason City!

Frank Lloyd Wright Hotel - Mason City, IA
from traveliowa.com

Info here: http://wrightonthepark.org Recently restored, you can now stay in an historic landmark in the middle of Iowa. http://www.stoneycreekhotels.com/hotel/travel/masoncity-parkinn/home.do

Dahl House - Des Moines, IA
from flickr.com

Designed by architect Ray Crites, known for his work on C.Y. Stephens auditorium, and McFarland Clinic in Ames, IA, this house is like a time capsule to the 1960s. It was built for the owner of Dahl's grocery stores. (unfortunately, the Dahl's chain declared bankruptcy in 2015) The house sold most recently in 2008... but who knows, maybe it will be for sale once more. You know what they say; "everything old becomes new again".

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