Monday, March 28, 2016

The Colors of Spring

Hey guys, a few months back, Pantone released their top 10 colors for this spring! Check it out here: Top 10 Colors: Spring 2016 For you non-designers out there, Pantone is a company that makes colors that translate across multiple platforms as accurately as possible. Basically, when you print at your ink jet printer at home, chances are that a color will look differently than that same one does on a website, or on a phone, etc. This is because each technology uses different techniques to display that same color, so inevitably, there will be differences in hue/tone of that color on each platform. Pantone seeks to solve that issue. So, in effect, they are a reliable source when it comes to any news about colors. And this season, Pantone has billed the trending color palette as transformative; one that isn't tied to "masculine" or "feminine" colors. As you can clearly see, there are brights, neutrals, and pastel colors that all seem to work together.

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