Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Get Some Culture - Museum Day!

Yep, today is International Museum Day! Our great state has some awesome destinations to visit--believe it or not, museums are some of them. We've spared you a long description, and instead, created a list of some of the art museums and historical places in and around central Iowa. Check them out some time!

Ames - Christian Peterson Art Museum, University Museums (in the Scheman Building)

Ankeny - Iowa Aviation Heritage Museum

Johnston - Iowa Gold Star Military Museum

Des Moines - State Historical Museum of Iowa, Hoyt Sherman Place, Iowa Hall of Pride, Science Center of Iowa, Des Moines Art Center, Salisbury House, Hubbell Historical Center, Living History Farms

Cedar Rapids - The History Center, The Grant Wood Studio and Visitor Center, Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, African American Museum of Iowa, National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library, Seminole Valley Farm, Ushers Ferry Historic Vintage, Brucemore Cultural Center

Mason City - The Music Man Square, Stockman House Museum, Charles H. Macnider Art Museum

Clear Lake - Surf Ballroom and Museum, Clear Lake Fire Museum, Clear Lake Arts Center

And of course just about every town has a historical society or museum that is worth checking into if you want to learn more about where you live!

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